You were made as male and female
I blev skabt som mand og kvinde by Johs. Johansen, 1978

The tune to this hymn was written by H.J. Gauntlett in 1849.

You were made as male and female
by the same creator’s hand.
You hold sunshine, you hold songs’ tale
to release on same command,
both of you with joy said ‘Yes’
to God’s gifts—no more, no less.

Each of you has got your only
body, soul, and mystery.
All the same you won’t be lonely,
God makes two one history.
Blessed is our different form,
just like rain, and sun, and storm.

Your own burdens you must carry,
that the other may be free;
if your burden will you harry,
let the other with you be.
He who carries nothing must
wither into barren dust.

In His image God has made us,
He came here, in flesh and blood;
He accepts ev’n all non-virtuous
lets us in His goodness flood;
He who leaves no one behind,
let Him bring to us His mind.

From the highest God is leading
forth our hearts to faith so true!
He removes the pow’r impeding
and unites the loving two;
amongst millions He can make
two to choose one route, one wake.

Praise Him, you God’s own creation,
Praise His wonderwork in you!
Love unites, makes your relation
move t’wards God, to one-ness, too!
Love has fullness, like a ring,
hopes and bears with everything!