Wedding Music at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Processional and Recessional

You may choose a processional and a recessional. Our organist will usually play one of these processionals as the Flower Girls and Boys, the Ring Bearer, the Bridesmaids, and the Maid of Honour enter the Sanctuary, then change to Richard Wagner’s Bridal Chorus as the Bride enters with her Escort.

Our organist’s repertoire includes these recessionals (played at the end of the service as the Bride and Groom leave the Sanctuary):

If you desire a processional or recessional other than these, please provide our organist with a score to play from—and consider the time our organist has to spend learning a new piece.


You need to choose two hymns for your wedding. You should look for texts that speak to you and tunes that you expect your guests can sing.

We prefer that you choose hymns from our hymnal, Grant me, God, the Gift of Singing (or Den Danske Salmebog). If you go beyond that, please consult the pastor; you should expect to provide both the text and the music arranged for piano or organ.

More Music

Our organist will play for twenty minutes before the service is to begin (while the Groom waits for his Bride) and while the documents are being signed during the service. You must negotiate any special requests with our organist.

You can also consider playing recorded music. Our sound system can handle tapes and CDs. Please arrange that one of your guests starts and stops the machine—he or she should be present for the rehearsal.

If you have musical friends, they may sing or play for the congregation (that is, your guests) while you are signing the documents. You may borrow our piano and you may be able to use our sound system; please test the technical details at the rehearsal. If you need our organist to accompany a soloist, please arrange a rehearsal; you should expect to pay for the organist’s time.

You can reach our organist by e-mail.