Father, now I seek repose
Jeg er træt og går til ro by Kr. Arentzen, 1846, after L. Hensel, 1817

The tune to this hymn was written by J. Malling in 1869.

Father, now I seek repose
and my weary eyelids close;
look, O God, to me in love
from Your heav’nly throne above.

If my sins this passing day,
led me from Your paths astray,
heav’nly Father will You be
merciful and kind to me.

For my dear ones, Lord, I pray:
Keep them from all harm away,
let Your holy angels spread
guarding wings above their bed.

Give the sick and weary rest,
let them all by You be blest
with that grace and peace of mind,
which alone in You we find.