Donations to the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Donate Now Through! As almost all Canadian churches, we are funded by donations—unlike most churches in Denmark which are funded through a tax levied against all members of the church. We therefore depend on your support. If you live in Canada, you can send an eTransfer to Otherwise, or if you prefer to use a credit card, you can make a donation now through You are welcome to look at how we spend your money.

We are a registered charity, so your donation is tax deductible in Canada.

If you are in Canada from Denmark on a temporary visa and thus taxable in Denmark, you can have your Danish Church tax (kirkeskat) transferred to the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C. Please contact the so we can help you with the paperwork.


Donate Now Through! If you have made a capital gain on mutual funds, bonds, equity or other securities and are considering donating a part of your gain to our church, please know that there is a considerable tax advantage to donating the securities themselves rather than proceeds from a sale. offers an inexpensive way of handling the paperwork.


From time to time our church is the beneficiary of a bequest. We are very grateful that our members and friends remember us in their wills and in this way continue their support of our church after their death.

If you wish to make a bequest to the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C., you must contact a lawyer or notary public to draw up a will for you. He or she can also help you reduce the probate tax your estate will have to pay. In your will, you choose your heirs and specify how much each is to inherit from you, either as a dollar figure, a percentage of your estate, or a mixture of both. You can change your will at any time simply by making a new one.

Whether or not you intend to make a bequest to our church, we urge you to draw up a will. Stating your wishes clearly spares your loved ones from making financial decisions when they are mourning their loss.

Typical Revenue and Expenses

Your donations make up about 58% of our revenue. Events like the Fall Bazaar and the Spring Dinner raise another 17%. Our lotteries and grants from the Gaming Commission bring in about 12%. Advertising in our newsletter earns about 5%. Membership fees, sale of cookbooks and hymnals, and miscellaneous other sources make up the rest.

About 61% of our expenses go to salaries. Fixed expenses like heat, light, water, taxes, insurance, and the accountant make up another 11%. The office costs about 4%, repair and maintenance of our buildings about 3%, and the lottery about 2%. We spend about 7% on printing and mailing our newsletter. We set aside about 3% for future repairs to our buildings and for the expenses associated with changing pastor. We spend about 2% of our expenses on in-house programmes like the Youth Choir, another 2% on outreach, and miscellaneous expenses make up the balance.

Graphical representation of our finances