Our Place in this World

The Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C. is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia. Our current Constitution & Bylaws are available upon request from the office.

Between general meetings the society is governed by the board of directors. (In Danish, we use the term menighedsråd, which translates as congregational council.) In practise, the daily leadership rests with a triumvirate consisting of the pastor, the president, and the church secretary. The many committees, auxiliaries, and groups in our church are largely self-governing on the principle that those who do the work should decide how it is done.

We are a registered charity: our charity Business Number is: 11888-2117RR0001.

Our pastor has license to perform marriages through the British Columbia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Canada.

We are connected to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark through Danish Church Abroad, Danske Sømands- og Udlandskirker.