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Other news

Pastor Saltorp Pastor Birgitte Saltorp was installed on September 16th by Bishop Steen Skovsgaard. You can see the pictures here. At the end of the installation service, Pastor Birgitte told us the following about herself:

I was baptised at the tender age of three months, so I cannot claim that I remember a whole lot from that day. But I remember my confirmation day. All the people at church before the service, all the talk and commotion. I couldn’t focus on any of all those words that were being said that morning before the service. But I found refuge in the sound of the church bells ringing for me, for all the confirmands, for the congregation. Today before the service I heard so many new voices, people speaking in English and Danish, welcoming voices, and yet I could not focus on any one voice for long. So I took refuge in the sound of my old friend, the church bell.

Now, I haven’t told any of you here this, not the church board, not anyone, but it was that very same bell I listened to on my confirmation day in Skovshoved Kirke in days long gone by. Imagine, travelling halfway around the world to find the sound of home! Many of you have done just that, and now you have called me to be your pastor under the same bell that rang for me on my confirmation day and at my baptism. I can think of no greater way to thank you than to share this story with you and to wow to serve you in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, to re-phrase the wedding wows a bit.

There are so many thank you’s to be said that I will surely forget someone if I try to make a list, so I will leave it at three thank you’s: First, to the church board—I can hardly imagine the amount of work you have put into finding a new pastor for your church, and I am deeply grateful that you chose me. And thank you to Bishop Steen Skovsgaard who has taken time out of his busy schedule to come here to Vancouver to install me. You may not all know this, but Steen Skovsgaard has also been my bishop in Denmark so this is in more than one sense a feeling of home away from home. And finally, but in no way least, a great thank you to all of you here The Danish Lutheran Churches. I have been met with so much love and kindness that it goes beyond telling. I am looking forward to sharing lives with you, and it thrills me beyond words that the sound of the bell that calls us all to service is the sound that I know and love so well.

Thank You.

We will have an Extraordinary General Meeting after the service on October 19th to discuss how to proceed with the kitchen extension.

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