The Nielsen Picnic

In recent years, Doris and Knud Nielsen have made a tradition of inviting us for a picnic at their place in Langley. Thank you very much to Doris and Knud. We hope that you will keep up this tradition at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

Lining up for food The Hawaiian Dancers entertain Spectators in lawn chairs The Hawaiian Dancers entertain Some of us looking at horses in the field behind the Nielsen's home The Hawaiian Dancers entertain, 2008 The Pork Roast, 2005 Children feeding the chickens - and having a water-gun fight, 2005 On the lawn, 2005 Carving the Pork Roast, 2005 On the patio, 2004 Having coffee, 2004 Having coffee, 2004 The children - and a cow, 2004

Coffee and pastry, 2001
In 2001, we had a lively discussion about whether the platter made on occasion of our church’s 50th anniversary in 1987 carries a picture of the old church from 1937 or of the new church from 1984.
Children on the lawn, 2001 Coffee and pastry, 2001 Coffee and pastry, 2001