Fall Bazaar

Buying and selling baked goods and preserves The Fall Bazaar at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C., is usually on the last Saturday in October. We have homemade bread, buns, pastries, and preserves, we have homemade embroidery, knitted and crocheted goods, and all sorts of crafts, we have books in Danish and English, we have white elephant, raffle tickets, tombola, and the Fall Lottery, we have Danish open face sandwiches, and of course we have coffee, tea, æbleskiver, lagkage, and Wienerbrød.

Christmas ornaments Home cooking Glass ware and other ornaments Books in both English and Danish Knitted goods Open face sandwiches Preserves Crafts Christmas crafts Pastor Bodil Toftdahl welcomes everybody Browsing for a deal Knitted and crocheted goods Browsing for a deal Raffle tickets

Henry and Gudrun Falkenholt
Henry and Gudrun Falkenholt.
Over the years Gudrun has embroidered countless bell pulls small and large, table runners, children's Christmas calendars, etc for our Fall Bazaar and the Spring Tea and Bake Sale.
Embroideries Time for coffee and some pastries Open faced sandwiches