Pearls of Life: meditation at the Danish Lutheran Church of Vancouver, B.C.

A wristband with 18 beads described in the text below As we seek the Mystery that connects us to the Force behind our being there are many ways of listening. When we long for God to meet us we may need new tools to open our senses.

One such tool are the Pearls of Life. First thought up by a humble Swedish bishop who needed a tool of faith for his handicapped son, the Pearls of Life are now widely used in the Scandinavian countries (and Finland) where they are known as Frälsarkransen, Jesuskransen, or Kristuskransen.

Having something tangible to meditate with can help us keep focus when the worries, great and small, of everyday life seem to keep us from connecting with the Mystery. Whether we are comfortable with church and Sunday service, are seekers of many years or are taking our first few steps to align our lives with that which is greater than ourselves, these evenings with the Pearls of Life are for us all. You may come for one or two evenings, or for all—this is an open community.

Our Wednesday session

While we listen to soothing music we will do a meditation. If you are used to meditating it may seem short, but if you have never tried it before you may get as many new impressions as if it had taken all night.

After a short break, to let those who want to stay in the meditative mood go their own ways, we will talk about the experiences we may have had (you only share if you want to). There will be time for questions and comments and anything else that may surface.

A Short Introduction to the Beads

The golden God Pearl
This is the gateway to the Mystery, the beginning and the end of the journey.
The oblong Silence Pearls
The Mystery unfolds in silence, in the places and times where our hearts listen to the call.
The little white I Pearl
We cannot totally let go of our selves but we can understand our lives and thoughts as part of something greater than ourselves.
The white Baptismal Pearl
This is where we are reminded that we are connected to the Mystery—this no one can take away from us.
The Desert Pearl
This bead represents the boredom and temptations of everyday life, yet we are reminded how Jesus looked beyond these to the will of the Higher Power.
The blue Worrilesness Pearl
It is possible to give our worries and our joys to the Great One and actually rest in the comfort that all is well.
The Love Pearls
Thse remind us of the love and attention that is ours from before time, and all that we have to give.
The Secret Pearls
These hold our innermost secrets, even those that have not been revealed to us yet.
The black Pearl of the Night
This bead is for pain, suffering and loss, but it also is the place of our growth.
The white Resurrection Pearl
This bead brings us out of the night and into new beginnings. It is the place of hope and heavenly connection.